Friday, July 2, 2010

Eggs Are...

In my world, eggs are everything that is nasty, gross and disgusting.  While I make every attempt to use 'dislike immensely' in place of the word 'hate', eggs are the one thing where I will make an exception.

I hate eggs.  I hate everything about an egg.  The color, the sliminess, where it came from.  Unless it was hidden in mom's potato salad the few times she made me eat it, I have never eaten an egg.  And I never will.  I'll never eat potato salad, either.  An egg, unless it is in the form of cookies or cake, will never cross these lips.

Just thinking about eggs repulse me.  Incredible, edible?  Not in my world.  No way, no how, never ever.

However, on occasion, I will make Randy scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast.  It is one of the sacrifices that I will make for the Best Husband in the World.  Fight through the disgust and make him scrambled eggs.  It's the least I can do for him putting up with me - much of the time silently.

I am quite creative in what ingredients I put in the eggs.  They never turn out the same way twice.  Buttermilk, cream cheese, sour cream - I use what ever I have in the fridge.  Salt and pepper, of course.  Sometimes I use seasoning salt or maybe a dash of dry mustard.  

This morning I was living dangerously and came across ground Fenugreek Seed in the spice cabinet.  Hmmm... interesting.  I have had it for I don't know how long and never have been brave enough to use it.  But today I am brave.  I read the description on the bottle and opened it up and sniffed it.  It smelled kind of good - and mild.  

I sprinkled just a touch into the egg mixture, cooked 'em up and presented Randy his breakfast without a mention of the mystery spice.

And he said they were about the best scrambled eggs I've ever made him.

My pleasure at my success was short lived when I walked back into the kitchen to wash the nasty, gross and disgusting egg dishes.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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