Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cinquanta - Fünfzig - Hanner Cant

I am fifty today!

Here is me when I first started out:

Here I am fifty years later:

Obviously, there have been a few changes.

The eyes refuse to focus properly on any one thing.

Between Randy and I, we have about 1-1/2 good ears and it takes both of us to watch a movie or TV show.

On the rare occasion that I pull weeds, they seem to be a whole lot farther away than they used to be.  I solved that problem - I just don’t weed the flower beds any more.  Some weeds bloom real pretty.

I seem to have obtained more and more glistening grey highlights in my hair.  I was going to say at no extra cost, but in reality, I think I have paid the price for them in one way or another.

And my little finger on my right hand is acting wonky.  This I would rather blame on getting older than on playing video games.

I think I have earned my spot on the river of denial.

My friends Guy and Nina both turned 50 at the first of this year and happily, they will always be older than me.  Laurie, my sidekick and best friend from seventh grade until now, has her 50th birthday on July 4th.  And I am blessed to share this birthday month with other family and friends.  Tracy, while a wee bit younger than I am, her birthday is also on the 29th.  Lori’s birthday was yesterday and my cousin Reen’s birthday is tomorrow.  Earlier this month was Shaun’s birthday - who was born on the same day mom was.  Mom would have turned 80 this year.  That’s an eye opener.  My cousin Steve’s birthday was on the 9th and my brother-in-law Mike’s was on the 5th.

Obviously, September has beat out February for a romantic month.  

Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

Way back in 1978, when I graduated from high school, our school annual had a poem inside the front cover.  In it includes this line which I have never forgotten:

‘Nothing is permanent except change’

How very true.  

For today, I am going to enjoy my birthday (and Tracy’s, too).

I am going to drink good coffee from my favorite monkey  coffee cup.

I am going to enjoy Toy Story 3.

I am going to enjoy my favorite salad at The California Pizza Kitchen.

I am going to enjoy a little slice of heaven from The Cheesecake Factory.

I am going to thank the good Lord for all that He has taught me, brought me through and blessed me with the past 50 years. 

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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