Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who's That at My Door?

Recently, our doorbell rang.  Now as a rule, I don't normally answer the door.  Most everybody that we want in our house comes in through the garage at the back of the house.

I especially refuse to answer the door on Halloween.  But that's an explanation that will have to wait until October.  That is, if I am still doing this blogging thing.

I could see from where I was sitting that the doorbell ringer was a small person.  So my split-second decision to open the door came mainly because I knew that:

   A) He was selling something.
   2) I can say 'no' better than Randy can.

You see, I have this notion that the word 'no' is not of the four-letter variety.  There is no evil in telling someone 'no'.  The key is saying it politely, while smiling and looking the person in the eye.  I can say 'no' to any kid that comes to the front door selling any variety of stuff that I don't need.  Even the Girl Scouts when they sell cookies outside of the store.  I limit myself to two boxes of Girl Scout cookies a season, and after that it is "No thank you, I have already bought cookies".

The above excludes my grandkids.  Don't tell them, but I will buy pretty much anything they try to sell me.  Lord help me if Sammy ever signs up for Girl Scouts.

Anyway ~

The young man at my door was not selling any school or group sanctioned item.  He wanted to join the football team and was $15.00 short in what he needed to buy his equipment.  He had a box full of beaded keychains that he had made that he was selling for $5.00 /ea.

Now, I think that $5.00 was a bit excessive for this beaded monstrosity, but hey, part of his sales pitch was that the beads were super glued on the ends for durability and that I could pick any color that I wanted to.  He had two choices.

So I bought one.  Then he asked to use the bathroom.  Then he saw the video game that I was playing and expressed some interest in it.  Then he asked for water.  I told him the water was going to cost him five bucks.


I gave him his water and sent him on his way before he asked me if he could stay for dinner.

I would have felt a little better about the whole transaction if he wouldn't have thrown the empty water bottle and cap in my flower bed.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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