Thursday, June 24, 2010

We Got the Easy Part

A few weeks back, on moving day for Cristy and Shaun, we made a surprise morning visit to their house to see if there was any help that we could offer.    Randy and I figured we could load our car with boxes, and then head over to their new house.  I could then find a clipboard and a pen and do what I do best.  Supervise.  Our contribution to the moving effort ended up getting Will and Sammy out from under their parents’ feet.  I call it the grandchildren protection plan.  If the g-kids wouldn’t have come with us for the day, I am sure that tears - for grownups and kids alike - would have been shed.  There quite possibly even could have been even bloodshed.

First stop was for Papa Murphy's pizza.  Second stop was Albertson’s to stock up on treats and then we were off to our house.

After slathering on factor 36 sunscreen, Will & Sammy swam and practiced their diving skills in the pool while I pretended to relax while floating around on my blue mattress.  It wasn't easy with the two rambunctious sea monsters in the water.

Our pool has these very annoying sprinklers.  There are three of them, all on one edge.  Supposedly, the sprinklers are to help cool the water.  The kid love them.  I dislike them immensely.  The sprinklers, not the kids.

So when they asked Grandpa if he would turn them on, he said he would if it was okay with Grandma.  Grandpa knows how I feel about the sprinklers.  But, being one not to deny the g-kids much of anything, of course I authorized the use of the sprinklers.

It wasn't long before me and my floaty mattress was being towed into the 'rain'.

It wasn't long before I got out of the pool to paint my toenails purple.

After being fed pizza and soda, Will zoned out by playing Ratchet and Clank, a video game that I have almost made it through.  Before Will, even.  HAH!

Sammy tired herself out by swimming a bit more and then putting on her best diva look.

I had timed the ice cream - with their choice of chocolate or caramel syrup - or both - perfectly to make sure the sugar had kicked in by the time it was time to return them to their parents and the chaos of an almost-moved-into house.

Was that wrong?

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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