Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thackerville OK

The other weekend, Randy and I drove to Throckmorton, Oklahoma to the new WinStar casino to attend a car show. Actually, the casino is in Thackerville, but I can't get Throckmorton out of my mind for some reason.

Of course we took the Camaro and the back roads to Oklahoma.  Randy is not a freeway kind of driver.  If there is a back road way to get to our destination, that's our route.  That's okay by me, we usually get to where we are going eventually.  This trip, with one wrong turn and one rest room stop, took about an hour.

I am not a left turn kind of driver, though Randy sometimes is.  The left turn is one of the most dangerous moves a driver can make and I will go way, way out of my way not to turn left.  See Dad, I did retain something that you learned me.

Anyway ~

The car show was interesting.  I don't know if that is really the right word, but let's say that it was less than professional.  It seems that anybody with 20 bucks in their pocket was able to enter.  And while there were some very nice cars, there were also some interesting entries.  Some being not the most classic, or really even spruced and shined up for the event.

To me, of course, once you see one car, you have seen them all.  I amused myself watching people and attempting to take creative pictures without A) embarrassing Randy or 2) listing over from lugging around 50 pounds of camera stuff in my bag I thought that I couldn't live without.  Randy offered to carry my bag many times, but since it wasn't a manly bag, I didn't take him up on the offer.

This was certainly a great avenue to people watch.  There was no shortage of all kinds, all shapes and most of all, in varying degrees of clothing appropriateness.  I am refraining from any type of photographic proof, since obviously, some people can't be blamed 'cause they must not own mirrors.

The Camaro turned over 1000 miles on this trip.  Time for a new one?  I think not.  And the only thing that I found that I couldn't live without from the contents of my bag was A) my lip gloss and 2) my water.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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