Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Watching You

People watching is a great activity.  One of the all time best places to watch people is at a boat launch.  If you go on a sunny weekend there is so much to keep you amused, entertained and shocked.  My personal belief is that many a divorce originated at a boat launch.  The mall at Christmas time is another great people watching place.  I love to grab a cookie and a coffee, sit on a bench in the mall and just watch.  Or maybe that is just an excuse to have a cookie...  Hmmm...  I must delve into this more.

A few weeks ago, Randy and I drove up to Oklahoma to a car show.  This trip provided a plethora of people watching opportunities.

‘They’ (whoever ‘they’ is (was?)) who (whom?) set up the car show had six huge  speakers at one end of the lot which were blaring Southern Car Show appropriate music.  Key words here are ‘huge’ and ‘blaring’.  It was slightly intriguing and very humorous to watch people actually take their phones out and attempt to make a phone call within close proximity of these speakers.  Now, if you were anywhere near these speakers,  there was no point in trying to communicate with anything but hand signals.  Last I tried, hand signals didn't work on my cell phone.  And what phone call is so important that you had to attempt it when you are two feet away from a huge electronic device loudly proclaiming 'I Heard it Through the Grapevine'?
For that matter, what phone call is so important that you have to make it while you are smoking a cigarette, eating a happy meal and putting on lipstick?  All while you are driving down the Texas Highway of Death.
Anyway ~
I would have taken pictures of all these people, as there were more than a couple, but I am not that far advanced in PhotoShop Elements to be able to put a blurry circle over their faces. I don't want to risk getting sued and having Judge Judy take my blogging privileges away.  And then what would all five of my readers do with their time?
Being of girl persuasion, cars really don't hold my interest like they do Randy.  (Randy would proclaim that nothing holds my interest.)  I had no choice but to amuse myself by taking pictures of us in the reflection on the car bumpers.  Kind of like a funhouse mirror without having to see any scary clowns.

And then there were these:

What man wouldn't want one of these clever devices?  (Father's Day, anyone?)  I think that if the casino maintenance people looked closely at their blacktop, they would see a well worn path made by these directly to the beer booth.
As I was people watching, I kept an eye out for Jeff Foxworthy.  This really needs to be a part of 'You Might Be A Redneck If" repartee. 
Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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