Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You Know You Are Getting Old When...

Nothing makes you realize your advancing years more than current music.  I know now why Dad disliked the bass thrump-thrump-thrump in the music Deb and I listened to when we were teenagers.  If ever there was a reason to get the ‘glare over the top of his glasses’ look, ‘our’ music was in the top five.
Why do I wake up with song lyrics stuck in my head?  It’s never the songs I like, either.  Most mornings, it’s something like Lady GaGa's 'Bad Romance':
"Rah-rah-ah-ah-ahRoma, roma-maGaGa, ooh la la"
Is she singing about roma tomatoes?

Guess which one is not a roma tomato!
Or Lady Antebellum's 'I Need You Now'
"It's a quarter after one and I'm a little drunk and I need you now"
Really?  You only need me when you are drunk?  That would make a person feel special.
Then there are the lyrics that do not make any sense whatsoever to me.  Michael Buble's line:
"I just haven't met you yet'?
i don't get it, why are you singing all these nice things to a person you haven't met yet?  In another song, he has a line about 'you’re from outer space'.  Is that supposed to be a compliment?
Or Adam Lambert singing over and over and over again:
"What do you want from me?"
Seriously?  I want you to stop asking me that question.
I think that Lady GaGa is a good singer.  That doesn't mean that I like her songs or performances.  Too much, if you ask me.  I don't dislike Lady Antebellum and Michael Buble either.
I used to have a Michael Buble CD.  I think it was 'Come Fly With Me'.  Brian Dent - if you are out there, I hope that you are still enjoying my CD.  Think of me whenever you play it.
Anyway ~
Adam Lambert dropped a peg or two for me after his performance on one of the music awards shows, but I like him.  Wouldn't buy his album, but I still like him.  He wears a bit too much eye liner for my taste, but that is just my opinion.

And I don't even want to get started on The Fugees butchering a classic from my teenage years, "Killing Me Softly".  Fingernails on a chalkboard.
I wonder why singers have to put on a show instead of just singing.  I used to be a huge Alabama fan and went to many of their concerts when they came to the Tacoma Dome.  They stood on stage and sang.  There were no pyrotechnics, no wild background singers, no crazy costumes.  And it was entertainment.

Working from home and having a radio on all day really makes you see how often radio station repeat songs.
I will change the station every so often.  I like Christian music, but I would really be pushing Randy’s good humor if he heard Chis Tomlin’s “Cartoon Song” one more time. 
There are the oldies and county music station, of course.  The oldies are good.  A little bit of country music goes a long way, however.
I could sing.  But now I have come full circle, back to the issue of Randy’s good humor.

If you picked this one - YOU WIN!
Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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