Saturday, June 26, 2010

You Just Gotta Have One

When I Take Over My World, Everyone Over Nine Years Old Will Own an iPad

Who needs health care?   I think as Americans, we would all be better off if we were given iPads when we turned nine years old.  I had to use nine because that is how old Sammy is.  I was going to say ten years old, but she would miss out if this was made into a law before October 19th this year.

Randy pleaded and begged me to pre-order the iPad back in April when they became available.  He knows all to well of my aversion to electronic devices.    He knows, that left on my own, I would still be using a corded phone and the first computer that we ever bought in the early ’90’s - the one so large we had to add a room onto the house for it.  But he nagged, he cajoled, he reasoned and I resisted, resisted, resisted until I couldn’t take it any more.  For the sake of wedded bliss and peace and quiet (and until the next new gadget arrived on the market) I bowed under the pressure and ordered an iPad, a case and the camera connection kit.

Ya’ll know that I am joking, right?  There is no way, no how that I had to be convinced to get me an iPad.  Please notice in the picture above how the sunlight is kissing the iPad box just so.  I am sure that if I look closely, I will find a butterfly and a rainbow, too. 

When Apple first announced their launch date, I read up on the iPad, and then Randy and I visited the Apple Store and I held one in my hands.  Oh Oh Oh my.  It was meant to be.  Unfortunately, the one in the Apple store had a couple of things against it.  First, it was attached to the display table with airplane cable.  Secondly, I wasn’t absolutely positive, but even if I was able make it out door, I was pretty certain a (loud and annoying)  alarm of some sort would go off.  And lastly, the Apple employee standing next to me was probably trained in martial arts.

After caressing the display model for about 3 hours and being asked to leave the store, there was no turning back.  I came home and pre-ordered mine along with a case for my new best friend and the camera connection kit.

Apple, being no dummy, sent me the camera kit first just to tease me.  The box was small, and the card reader was nice to look at.  For about 2 minutes.  Really, all it did was to make me go to my order status at the Apple site and look for the millionth time at the expected delivery date of the iPad.  Which hadn’t changed since the first time I looked at it.

The second accessory arrived the next day.  This was the microfiber case.  Okay, with this, I could start to see things shaping up.  Sturdy, yet simple, the case looked like it would help the iPad survive a fall.  Hopefully.

I have found out way too many times that there aint nothin’ that bounces when it hits a tile floor.  Our Texas homes are the first where I have had a lot of tile throughout the house and I have lost many a knick knack, wine glass, sand dollar and pepper shakers.  About a year ago, Randy dropped the glass lid to the cast iron dutch oven.    Shattered.  Million pieces.  I am still finding pieces of that lid in the oddest places.

Anyway ~

Back to the iPad case.  Notice how the sunlight softly caresses... oh, never mind.  But now I had something to gaze at adoringly, to sleep with and dream of the fun my iPad and I would have in the days and years to come.  

At least until Apple upgrades to the iPad 2.  I am fickle that way.

The next morning, FedEx delivered the iPad when I was in the shower.  Randy, being the most wonderful man on earth, hid it in his desk.  Poop-head.

I will refrain from the play-by-play of the unwrapping, unveiling and drooling.  Suffice it to say, that this is one great piece of electronics.  All my games, my Bible, my devotions, word processing, pictures and a host other things all wrapped up into this easy to carry, easy to use, sleek bundle.

Truly, it was worth every last penny that Randy spent on it.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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