Monday, June 7, 2010

Look And Be Silent

There is a bevy of bunnies on our back patio this morning.  So far, I have counted four, hopping back and forth in front of the window where I am sitting.
I would like to sneak out there and take a few pictures, but I don’t feel right about disturbing their morning, since they aren’t disturbing mine.
I have found that there is quite a bit to look at if I just be quiet and look.
There is a tiny spider who made a great big web in the gardenias in front of the window.

There are little birds jumping around the ledge of the pool, trying to figure out a way to safely get a drink of water.  They gave up without formulating a workable plan.
Looking at a very interesting tree we have, fragrant in an unusual way.  With little bees covering it.  I stopped and waited and saw a butterfly.  A closer look, more butterflies.  

I am standing still by the tree looking.  The little bees buzzing around, busy bees, just like ‘they’ say.  Then I see the ladybugs.
Some people don’t think that I can stand still and be quiet for any length of time.  HA!
Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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