Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ohhh, This is Exciting

Shaun, Cristy and the g-kids have moved to the Plano house and are working diligently on getting settled.  Well, Cristy and Shaun are.  I am not sure how helpful Will and Sammy are.  The plan for them to move there has been in the works since the first of this year.  While Cristy was packing and preparing for the move, I think they all were a bit subdued on the excitement level on the days leading up to the move.
Until the day Randy and I were able to meet Shaun and Cristy at the house.
Yes, the grass needs mowing!

The renters had moved out and we were heading over to check the house out. This was the first time that Cristy and Shaun have seen it since we moved out over two years ago.  
I talked to her on the phone and I was so excited to hear the excitement in her voice.

When Randy and I were still in Washington, we put Cristy in the what could have been less than comfortable position of looking at potential houses for us.  Randy would pick out houses on the inter-web and Cristy, along with our real estate agent, would go look at them.
I never thought about it then, but in hindsight, that was quite a burden that we put on that girl.
She did a great job.  The Plano house is a beautiful house.  One level, nice kitchen, a lot of space, great floor plan in a very nice, quiet neighborhood.  The one thing that didn't work for us was the HOA, which frowned on us keeping our work trailer in the driveway.  After living there for a year and a half, we moved to the 'country' on an acre with no restrictions.
Then two months after we moved to this house, we sold that business and bought the rod building business.  Oh, well.
Cristy has loved the Plano house since she first looked at it.  Isn't life funny sometimes?  Little did she know that four years ago, she was actually picking out a house for her family.
And now we need to start referring to it as 'Shaun and Cristy’s house’.  No longer will it be the Plano house.
Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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