Thursday, July 22, 2010

We've Adopted!

Randy and I have decided that in our advancing years, since we are so very much wiser now, that it is time to add to our family.

We decided that we wanted a girl, but we had a huge choice to make.  There were three little girls available to us, however one was a 2-1/2 hour drive in one direction and the other two were a 2-1/2 hour drive in the other direction.

We thought that it would be best to go one direction for the sisters, that way if one of them didn’t take to us - or vice versa - we would A) have the option of choosing from two brothers that were there also or 2) drive the other direction the next day for the lone little lady.

The drive was beautiful, a curvy road through the Ozark National Forest which took about three hours.  Even though I was excited as can be, Randy and I stopped for lunch.  Common sense told us that it would be easier to eat lunch beforehand rather than after we picked up our little bundle of joy.  And having food smell on our hands didn’t hurt a bit, either.

The adoption agency was found without too much of an incident, even though the GPS in the car couldn’t find the last street to turn on.  Thank you, Steve Jobs, for GPS on the iPhone.  In fact, thank you Steve Jobs, for the iPhone, the iPad, the MacBook, and everything Apple.

Now that I have given you public adoration, I will be looking on the doorstep for my new iPhone 4.

Here’s what’s funny - spell check on my MacBook doesn’t recognize the names Gayle, Cristy or Norfork, but it recognizes iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

Coincidence?  I think not.

Anyway ~

The bad news was that when we got there, there was only one girl and one boy to pick from.  I picked up the little girl, whom the adoption agency had named Cheyenne.  Even though I was a stranger, she cuddled right into me, her brother though, was jumping around like a, well, like a puppy.  He was a cutie - how could he not be?  Since a girl was our first choice, and that I was afraid that Jake (the brother) would eventually grow into his rather large feet, we filled out the adoption paperwork to take Cheyenne home with us.

The trip home went very well, considering all that could have gone wrong.  Randy and I knew that we wanted to rename her, so we eventually decided on the new moniker of “Roxy’.  It fit since she has picked up a rock or two to play with and likes to climb along the rockery at the house.

I am in love.  And I think the feeling is mutual.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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