Sunday, November 7, 2010

Closet Organization 101

Something to organize

Something to put together

Fancy screwdriver

Sharp instrument

First aid kit

Phone pre-dialed to 911


My project for this weekend is to organize our closet - mainly the floor where all the shoes get tossed onto.  I am tired of looking at the mess, so I bought me some shoe shelves to aid in the organizational effort.  We have already given away countless articles of clothing over the past four years but something in our closet is making what is left multiply like crazy.

How in the heck does a four-foot family end up with so many pairs of shoes?

Roxy wanted to help, but then she decided she would rather be outside in the sunshine  rather than feast on the directions.  She was probably having flashbacks to the afternoon before ...

Roxy loves to take my things and usually wants me to chase her to get them back.  Since I am still healing from the chiropractic adjustment I gave myself a couple of weeks ago, I try not to chase her.  Roxy has gotten a lot better, as she no longer steals my socks, my slippers, my shoes.  A week ago, she started a new trend.  She had sniped a Kleenex from me and instead of shredding it to pieces, she ate it.

Interesting change of canine behavior.

Late Friday afternoon I was up in the loft and Randy was working on the valances.  I hear Roxy and Randy  battling over something.  It turns out that Roxy got hold of a cloth that I use to clean my camera lens and was trying to get Randy to chase her.  Instead of chasing her, Randy thinks that giving her a cookie will make her drop the cloth.

Nope, she swallowed the cloth and then ate the cookie.

Great.  A dog emergency right before the weekend.

Dr Jim tells me to give Roxy two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.  I can do this three times, 30 minutes apart to see if that makes the cloth come up.

Being the obedient dog that Roxy is, the cloth (among other things like a lump of charcoal from the fire pit) came up with the first dose.  Roxy Dog wasn’t feeling too hot for a couple of hours.

I am happy to say that Roxy was back to her normal self by the evening.

Anyway ~
I made one tiny error in screw selection.  I could have left it 'cause it worked.  However, my type ‘A’ alter ego would have just ended up laying awake at night knowing that a few feet away, inside the closet was such an inconsistency.

After tossing out four pairs of old, neglected shoes and coming up with three pair of shoes to give away, our closet is now neat and tidy.  At least for today.

The strange thing is that Randy has a left over shoe with no mate.  I can't blame Roxy, though my first thought was that she took it.  I guess I can add one men's dress shoe to the on-going list of random items missing from the move.

Oh, and parts left over?

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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