Friday, November 19, 2010

Where Is Dinner?

Over the weekend, it wasn't: "What's for dinner?", it was "Where is dinner?"

Randy spent one day smoking baby back ribs.

The rib tips always get done before the 'real' ribs.

Roxy's upstairs.

Randy takes the rib tips off the smoker, puts them on the kitchen counter, and then comes downstairs where I was doing something important.

Roxy's upstairs.

A couple minutes later, I hear Roxy squeaking.

I go upstairs to take her for a walk, she is laying at the top of the stairs.

Nothing odd there, we walk, do our business and come home.

Randy asks me how I liked the rib tips.

I didn't eat them.

There is only a small piece left.

He thinks I am kidding.

I think he is kidding.

We look at Roxy.

She doesn't look guilty.

There are no outward signs that she has sniped the rib tips from the counter.

I have stooped to the level of smelling my dog's breath to see if she ate any part of our dinner.

Where the rib tips went remains an unsolved mystery.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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