Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Under The Weather

Aren't we all?  Look up.  Isn't that weather there up over head?

The phrase 'Under the Weather' is actually a maritime phrase.  In the olden days, when a sailor was seasick, he was sent under the deck and away from the weather.  The correct phrase is 'under the weather bow', the weather bow being the side of the ship that the bad weather is blowing onto.

Jon would know that from being in the ... wait for it ...

... Navy.

HAH!  Admit it Jon, you thought I was going to say something else, right?

A cold caught me over the weekend.  This is unfortunate, as I am of the belief that I am too stubborn to get sick.  Well, that's not true,  I know that I am sick.  I used to be just to stubborn to admit it.

Being stubborn also prevented me from getting the proper rest and take the right dosage of medicine when I am sick.  For almost thirty years, it was ingrained in me that one had to have both feet and an arm (preferably the right one) in the grave before is was acceptable not to go to work.  Then I had to have a note from the mortician.  After a while, it was just easier to go to work sick.

I used to have an acquaintance that would call in 'blind'.

"I can't see.  I can't see working today".

I am sure that was funny to his boss the first time.  The second and third - not so much.

I used to enjoy it when the office staff called in sick, especially the ones that said "I'll be in tomorrow."  How do you know that?  If you are so sick that you can't make it into work today, how are you so sure that you will be better tomorrow?

Anyway ~

In the latter years of my 'working outside the house' life, I took to drugging myself up with over the counter medication.  Once on a plane back from California, I downed an entire bottle of Delsym.  It was just a 3oz small bottle.  Since the dosage for Delsym is two teaspoons every twelve hours, that would have been okay if the flight was whole lot longer than the two hours it actually was.

I managed to get to baggage claim, but spent a fair amount of time just staring at the baggage carousel.  When I finally realized that my bag was the only one left twirling around, got my wits about me enough to grab it and stumble out to where Randy was waiting to pick me up.

Another time, I didn't want to be coughing and sputtering through meetings and such, so I managed to drink enough Robitussin throughout the day to where I wasn't really sure that I would be able to drive home.

I also found out the hard way that ironically, taking too much Maalox will actually give you a stomach ache.

Why on earth are the directions and warnings printed in such small print?  If they are able to print books in large print that don't seem to be any thicker than normal, why can't a label be printed larger?

Anyway ~

With nobody to report to, I was free to sit in my recliner all day, take my medicine as directed, rest and watch girl television.  And I did.  For two days I camped out in front of the television with my dog and my blanket.

This is my very special lip gloss.  I may have lip gloss stashed in every vehichle and in every room of the house, but this one is very special.  See, it's even marked on the bottom so I don't get it confused with the others.  Even though I splurge and by the Kleenex with lotion, I think 'they' are skimping on the lotion.  I use this lip gloss so my nose don't chap.

This is a longshot, but I just want to warn anybody who may visit not to use any lip gloss with no label and blue marker on the bottom that may be laying around my house.

Anyway ~

I watched "Ghost's of Girlfriends Past" with Jennifer Garner and Matthew McConaghey.  I am not a huge fan of either one of them.  The second movie was "When In Rome".  Both movies had very predictable plots, which is what one wants when one is sick.  No need to over-tax the brain unnecessarily.

I also decided to watch the train wreck that is "The Housewives of Beverly Hills".  Oh, my.  Do these women realize that they are being made fun of through the editing of this show?  They must all get a discount on that hair color and use the same plastic surgeon.  One lady had her lips so stretched across her face that the upper lip actually snapped back when she took a drink of coffee.  Too bad the 'boink' sound was edited out.  This is the same woman that spent $60,000 on her four year-old daughters's birthday party.

I don't watch a lot of those shows, but when I do, I am reminded just how foolish I  can be about what is a priority in my life.

Thanks to the TLC from Randy and Roxy, I am well and back on my feet.  The cold medicine is back in the cabinet and I have folded up the blanket.

There is nothing like feeling crummy for a few days to really appreciate feeling good again.

I'll have to remind Randy of that when he ends up catching the cold that I just got over.

Side Notes:

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why this whack-a-doodle blog is leaving so much space in between each paragraph.  It is driving me nuts.   

Note to Will and Sammy:

Always, always, always follow the directions when taking any kind of medicine.  Grandma made a huge mistake when she took too much!  I won't do it ever again.

Love you oodles ~ Grandma

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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