Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks Giving

This Thanksgiving is a very special Thanksgiving.  

Shaun, Cristy, Will and Sammy are making the trek from Plano to be our first visitors in our newly furnished apartment.  The apartment has been furnished in Martha's new line:

'Economical Yet Functional'

Or, was it called:

'Shabby Cheap'

Or maybe:

'Nothing Matches, But We Hope It Is Reasonably Comfortable So You Will Come Back Soon'

I refuse to call anybody who comes to stay with us 'guests'.  Y'all can be visitors until Roxy jumps up on you and gives you a big kiss.

You'll be wiping dog slobber off your cheek before you have a fighting chance to set your suitcase down.

After that, you will have to settle for being part of the household.  I will make your stay as enjoyable as I am able to.  I no longer will put on my good clothes and most mornings, you will be enjoying your morning coffee with me without my hair being combed.

Make up is optional.

No worries, if we go into town for a burger at The Back Forty, I will look presentable.  Although it is dark in there.

You can do what you want to when you want to.

... If you want to nap in the rocker on the deck all day, have at it.

... If you want to watch movies or play video games, have fun.

... If you want to train my dog not to kiss you, good luck.

If you are an avid follower of my musings and ramblings, the only thing you won't get me to do is cook your eggs at breakfast - or anytime.

I will be so happy to see Will and Sammy and to spend the weekend with them.  Oh, and their parents, too.  I wouldn't be surprised if they have grown ten feet since we last saw them in August.

Will and Sammy, not their parents.

Squish Baby wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving
I heard this tidbit of advice on the radio this morning:

'Do not wave the carving knife at those who may criticize the way you are carving the turkey.  Stabbing motions are more effective'.

Another reason that this is a very special Thanksgiving is that after so very long, Randy and I have heard from not only his two brothers but two very dear friends of ours.  Friends that stood up for us when Randy and I got married in 1987.

Way too much time has gone by and to us, the 'whys' are all water under the bridge.  All I know that I am so grateful to be back in touch with everybody.

Now, if we can only get Emily and Carrie to come around,  life would be complete.  It's Thanksgiving, girls - have a heart!

There is no challenge in being thankful for the easy stuff - a roof over our heads, the food in the cupboard, each other and a whole litany of blessings that I take for granted each and every day.

But to actually feel it in my heart, the thankfulness of rekindled relationships, that is what I am feeling this Thanksgiving.

Have the BEST Thanksgiving ever!
~ Dorothy

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