Monday, November 22, 2010

I Am Drawing The Line

I am, and by default Randy is, too, a fan of reality TV shows.  Some of them - not all of them.  I am very picky about which ones I will watch.

I have watched Survivor from the very beginning and I am a huge fan.  Survivor should be a two hour show on every day of the week.

I also admit to watching ...
... The Amazing Race
... Top Chef
... Just Desserts
... The Next Food Network Star
... Dancing With the Stars

American Idol ...
... We have watched it the past few times, but without Simon, I don't know if it will make my exclusive DVR list this year
Brett Michael ...
... Nope
Jersey Shore ...
... Never
Anything Kardashian ...
... No way

I have started to watch the Housewives of Beverly Hills.  The 'Housewives' shows were on my 'do not watch' list for a while.  They just got a bit tawdry, gaudy, loud, tasteless, vulgar for me.  So far, the Beverly Hills wives are more concerned with spending money than throwing drinks at each other.  At least for now.

If you want to watch something tawdry, gaudy, loud, tasteless, vulgar, watch Chelsea Lately on 'E'.  Randy loves that show.  I think she's kind of funny, too, but sometimes she is a bit too much for the prude in me.

Anyway ~

Because 99.9% of everything we watch is taped 'cause I truly cannot deal with commercials, it was quite by accident that I saw a commercial for a new reality show called 'Skating With the Stars.'

Isn't the term 'star' used a little loosely here?  Out of the six contestants, I have only heard of two.  Not that I an entirely up on who's who in the entertainment world.  Even Dancing With the Stars, while the celebrities are mostly entertaining, they are kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel for 'stars'.

All this to say, much to Randy's relief, that we will not be watching 'Skating With the Stars'.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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