Monday, February 14, 2011

Because He Loves Me

It's Valentine's Day!  Y'all know what that means ...

Candy, flowers and cards professing undying love written in glitter with a fancy cursive font.

In twenty four years of wedded bliss, I can count on one finger how many times Randy has given me candy for Valentine's Day and on three fingers how many times he has sent me flowers.

The other side of that coin is that I can count on one hand how many times in twenty four years I have had to put gas in my car.

The first time Randy got me flowers was the day we were married.  I am positive that Marcia, my best lady, was crucial in the purchase of that bouquet.

My birthday was the second time, though I can't remember which one.  I was not fooled, the young lady behind those flowers was Cristy.

The third time was all on his own when he stopped at The Windmill in Sumner to surprise me.

As for cards, we don't do cards at our house for any occasion.  When it comes to that special day when the advertisers tell us we have to get a card, we head to the card section of the store.  We each pick out the card that we would get for the other, let the other read it and then put it back in the rack.  

Kidding.  I have borrowed that story from a former co-worker.

Anyway ~

Randy isn't the most romantic guy in the world.  Okay, at all.  There are so many other wonderful things that he is and that he does that beats anything flowers, candy or a card can bring a bazillion times over.

... He starts the fire outside for me 'cause I am too impatient to do it right and leave it alone.

... He brings me coffee and wine.  He never gets confused, as I am apt to, that coffee is for the morning and wine is for the evening.

... He makes the bed and carries the laundry basket downstairs for me.

... He warms up the car and turns on the seat warmer when it is really cold out.

... He is truly a very, very nice person.

... He tells me to watch for traffic when I cross the street.

... He researches and studies and thinks about something almost to the point of making me crazy.

... He has the patience of a saint.  And don't say that he would have to, being married to me.

... This bears repeating.  He puts gas in my car for me.  I have told people that we had it written into our wedding vows that he will keep the gas tank filled and I will make sure that he has clean, folded underwear in his drawer.  But that isn't true.  He puts gas in my car because he knows that I don't want to do it.

... He will help me with anything, anything at all.  All I have to do is ask.  As wonderful as Randy is, he does not read minds.

... He gives me the control over the TV remote because he knows that I would go crazy with impatience with the improper way that he fast forwards through the commercials.

... He is gracious about the haircuts that I give him.

This give the impression that I am able to manage the flat top.  Not the case, this was taken when Randy was still paying a professional for his 'do.

As a avid follower of Dr Phil, I have quite a few Dr Phil-ism's in my memory banks.  Here are a few favorites of mine:

"That dog don't hunt."
"This aint my first rodeo, son."
"How's that workin' for you?"
"You can't change what you don't acknowledge."

And a personal favorite that I use quite often: "We teach people how to treat us."

No, there's not too much of Dr Phil in my life, he and Ellen DeGeneres are the background noise when I am in the loft doing girl stuff.  That and crime mysteries like 48 Hours, Dateline, and Disappeared.  I don't watch 'Snapped', however.

Anyway ~

Another favorite Dr Phil-ism of mine goes something like this:

"You should wake up every morning and ask yourself 'what can I do to make my husband's (or wife's) life better today?'".

Okay, okay, insert boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, your mom, your brother, whatever.

How many of us old married folks try to purposefully make life easier for our husbands (or wives)?  While I don't wake up and ask myself what can Randy do to make my life better today, I certainly don't put a conscience thought into what I can do for him.

Although, I have been thinking about it more ever since Randy and I were talking about relationships in general and he had came across this quote on the Texas Fishing Forum no less:

"Marriages based upon the desire for a spouse to meet our own needs and expectations are destined to fail."

Now that should be put in a Valentine's Day card.

Have the BEST Valentine's Day ever!
~ Dorothy

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