Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bulk Bin Free For All

This post was written before our move to Mountain Home.  A time when Kroger and Sprouts Farmer's Market were still in our lives.  A time when I didn't have to depend on Cristy to send me any provisions that I beg, I mean, ask for.  I love our small town, but I wouldn't protest if a Sprout's opened up next to Papa Murphy's.

If you are up to a good laugh at my expense, look at the watermark on the pictures in this post and the 'Duck' post.  Notice something that is not quite right?  Jon, where are you when I need you?  So ready to tell me when I use 'me' and 'I' improperly, but you missed this?

FYATHYRIO.  I am not changing 'em.

Now, on to important matters ...

Why is it that people think the stuff in the bulk bins at grocery store is fair game and free to them?

The other day, while waiting at deli counter Kroger, a lady rolled up behind me, merrily munching on the oats and grain, trail mix or whatever that she had scooped into a bag out of the bins.  The devil on my shoulder wanted me to take a picture when the sack broke spilling all of her ill gotten gains on the floor under her shopping cart.  To me, it was like a big neon sign pointing to her saying "I am eating this before I have paid for it".  She tried to shoe it away from her, but then was bold enough to actually stop a store employee who got the store cop and then she was arrested for shoplifting.


The store clerk then got a broom, and a broom only.  Swept the stuff up, put it back into the bag, and marched the lady up to the check out counter and made her pay for it.


The clerk swept the trail mix into a pile, and then proceeded to scoop up the pile of dirt, leaves and trail mix without a dust pan.  Which was amusing to watch in itself.  Randy had that 'don't you dare take a picture' look.  It was tough to resist, but I did it for the sake of our marriage.

There is a farmer's market in Frisco called Sprouts.  Everything they have; produce, meat, wine, you name it, it is divine.  They sell a lot of goodies by the pound where you sack up your own.  I buy all my brown rice, cous cous, and raw nuts there.  It is tough sometimes when you have to muscle people out of the way who have decided to have breakfast at the buffet that is the candy aisle.

Now, in normal circumstances, this would be very off-putting for me.  However, I put aside all my 'I don't know who touched this before me' fears and make a big exception at this store.  They have the most wonderful white chocolate covered caramel cashew clusters that are, hands down, the best candy ever made.

Current addendum:  I made a batch of butter toffee over Christmas that would put that last sentence to a real test.

Anyway ~

Sprouts also sells their own brand of coffee beans in all sorts of flavors and roasts and here are air pots of coffee available for their customers to sample.  I watched in horror one time when a customer with a cup of coffee proceeded to spill said coffee all over a row of bins and then just walk out of the store.

Luckily, I had already sacked up my 5 pounds of white chocolate covered cashew caramel clusters.  I don't think I would have had it in me to see past the coffee dripping onto them.

Some days, ya just gotta be thankful for the small blessings.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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