Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sometimes You're the Duck

Randy and I, for some strange reason, have been quite the busy bees lately.  And this busyness has taken us away from our sanctuary in Mountain Home (Arkansas, not Idaho) everyday this past week, except for one day we were able to stay home for the entire day.

The house is a mess of clutter and disorganization.  What is it that makes a house get so cluttered up when you are gone?  I must have clutter elves that live in the woods sneak into the house and throw things around.  I'd rather have Keebler elves.

There was one day that I left the house without doing the dishes.  That is just unheard of for me.  I want the house in pristine condition when I leave.  Just in case I get in a fiery car crash, and a family member has to come to my house, I want to make sure that it is in proper order for them.  

There are papers, electronic devices and chargers for electronic devices scattered all over the kitchen counter.

There are dog toys all over the floor.  This is partly my fault, as I cannot resist buying my beloved Roxy Dog a new toy or a chewie.  I bought a little basket for Roxy to keep her toys in.  She has not only not learned how to pick a toy out of the basket to play with, she has not mastered putting it back in the basket when she is done.  

I have a new phone that I haven't had time to figure out how to use properly.  I am just lucky enough that I can at least press the 'answer' button when it rings.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love a new electronic gadget.  For me to have my new phone for about a week and not play with it is unheard of.

The butter dish is a mess.  I dislike immensely a messy butter dish.  Damn those elves, not only do they clutter my house up, they play in the butter, too.

It doesn't help that Roxy and I are really, really tired.  We both have been getting up a bit earlier, which has turned out to be a good thing.  Getting up earlier has given me the time to get my stationary bike riding done and out of the way for the day.  But we are so very tired.  So much so that we both fell into a dead sleep last night on the couch.  Randy woke us up at 9 pm to go to bed.  

'Dead' being an operative word.  Roxy, who now is able to jump up onto the couch by herself, curls up on the upstairs couch and waits for Randy to come up to bed.  When he went to her last night to tell her goodnight, she was sleeping so soundly and breathing so shallow that he actually got worried and woke her up to make sure she was still alive.

All this running around and chaos is making me crazy and discombobulated.  In turn, I am frustrating Randy to no end.  Despite putting up with me for many, many years, it takes a lot for that man to get impatient with me.  I am so busy thinking of the next thing that I have to do, that I am not concentrating on what I am doing.  It is causing me to do some crazy things and basically not pay attention to what is going on around me.  More so than usual.

I have burned myself, cut myself, put things where they are not supposed to be put and undone things that Randy has done,

I have a feeling that if I looked in my purse, I wouldn't find my car keys.  It could be blamed on the clutter elves, but more than likely, Randy has put them somewhere for safekeeping.

Yesterday afternoon, Randy, Roxy and I were taking a  nature walk.  We came across a scene were a hawk and a duck had a brawl.  By the duck feathers everywhere - up, down and all around - it was obvious that the duck lost.

I kind of feel like the duck.  

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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