Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Snow and More ...

... Snow

This morning when Roxy and I woke up it was snowing lightly, with just a light dusting on the ground.  By the time I finished fixin' myself up real purty for the day, the snow was falling quite heavily and a couple of inches had piled up.

Roxy had on her sad, 'I want to go out and play, Mom' face.  So I bundled up for the second time in about an hour and she and I went out to play and run and eat snow.

I had a couple of regrets.  One was my first cup of coffee which was now cooling to luke warm on the counter.

Thank goodness for microwaves.  I need to have my coffee served to me undrinkably hot.  That habit started years ago before I had my own fancy-dancy espresso maker.  I came to the conclusion that if I was going to spend my hard-earned money on a cup of unnecessarily expensive coffee, I at least wanted it hot enough to last me for a bit.

The second was the good hair day that was quite possibly ruined because of the need to wear a hat.  Finally after two months of immensely disliking my last hair cut, my hair has finally gown out enough to where I can style it in a way that looks halfway decent to me.  I can quit asking for paper bags at the grocery store.

Anyway ~

Since Roxy is so entertaining when she is trying to run and play and eat snow all at the same time, I put all the regrets out of my mind and proceeded to get cold and wet while tromping around with her.  She loves her treasures and this morning I had to help her carry back a branch that she just had to have.  At least it wasn't frozen coyote pooh.

Just a little while ago, Randy and I had the bright idea to bundle up and take the four-wheeler for a ride.  The first change in plans was when we thought that I could hold onto Roxy.  Roxy wasn't having any of that.  She only lasted one quick trip around the driveway.  Randy put her in the house with instructions to start a fire and then we very slowly made our way to the main road and back.  Randy drove while I did the parade wave to the neighbors.

There is quite the winter wonderland out there now.  It has been snowing all day long and we probably have close to a foot.

A perfect afternoon for naps, movies, video games, hot cocoa and snuggling.  Roxy never did get the fire started.  She's grounded.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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