Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Funeral For A Squirrel

A neighborhood squirrel met an untimely demise last Friday morning when he (or she) ventured into our local substation.  

I felt badly for the squirrel, I really did.  I also felt badly for our substation since the words 'significant damage' was mentioned by the nice lady at North R-Can-Sauce Electric Co-op.

To me, she really didn't sound all that optimistic for the power coming back on anytime soon.

What really bothered me was learning that without electricity we had no water.  Apparently, when the power goes out, so does the pump attached to the well.  My in-house electricity / well expert acted like I should have been fully aware of that fact.  

No water.

At all.


I can deal with being in the dark.  Well, it was morning, so dark-time was a long way off.

I can be strong and refrain from opening the freezer and poking at the hamburger to make sure it was still frozen.

I can deal with limited charges on my beloved electronic devices.  I figured that between the laptop, the phone, the 3DS and the iPad, I had enough games and books to keep me reasonably occupied for quite a while.

But no water?

Just the thought of not being able to flush the toilet made me want to pee.

We had planned to dash into town anyway.  So Randy, Roxy and I cleaned up the best we could using cold bottled water from the fridge.

I dislike immensely cold water.  I don't don't drink cold water, I don't brush my teeth in cold water, I don't bathe in cold water.  The normal body temperatures are 98.6°.  There is no reason at all for a person to put cold water into their warm body.  Way too much of a shock to the system, if you ask me.

Anyway ~

We decided to make a morning of it ...

...  breakfast for the entire family at the Cozy Kitchen ...

... The Frosty Festival at the fairgrounds ...

... The butcher ...

...  The package store - better known as a liquor store - where I have moved up from boxed wine to a bottle with a twist-top ...

By the time we arrived back home, the power was back on.

Which meant the the conversation about having the house hard-wired for a generator will be completely forgotten.  Until the next time the power goes out.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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