Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good Things

Beautiful fall days.  That was yesterday ...  today, not so much.  It seems as though winter is telling us that it is just around the corner.

Hartz Dura Play dog toys.  Roxy and I are saving our allowance to collect the entire set.  Don't tell Randy.

My day lilies blooming in November.  Yeah, so it is a bit rough around the edges.  It's still a beautiful spring-time bloom that showed up in the fall.

Castile soap.  To heck with all the other fancy soaps and such.  This is all that I need.

My little froggy friend sitting on the deck with me.  Good thing Roxy didn't notice him.  Yet.

Buzz, the husband of my dear friend Penny, is now free of pain and suffering and finally in the welcoming and comforting arms of Jesus.  

~ Dorothy

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