Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Link and Zelda Sittin' In A Tree

I picked up my shiny new, and very golden Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword game at GameStop on Sunday.  Even though the Seahawks were playing on national TV, I fully intended to commandeer the television downstairs and spend the better part of the day exploring the world of Link and saving Zelda. 

Have you ever heard the saying, 'We plan and God laughs'?

Randy and Roxy tagged along with me, since Randy had to go to Home Depot and Roxy was just hoping that she'd get to pick out a treat at the pet store.

Naturally, Home Depot didn't have what Randy was after, so we dashed on over to Lowe's.

To prove how old I am, I have a habit of calling Lowe's 'Eagle' instead of Lowe's.  Sometimes, on a very slow-brain day, I have been known to say 'Ernst' or even 'Pay n'Pak'.  The first Lowe's opened in North Carolina in 1921.  1921!  Who knew that it had been around that long?  I didn't!

Anyway ~

Since I needed the MotionPlus controller, I ended up buying the Collector's Edition of the game.  The Collector's Edition includes not only the game, a beautiful gold MotionPlus controller and a CD of the music performed at The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert.

I don't have to tell you what we listened to on the ride back home.

I have never played a game using the MotionPlus feature.  I was a bit nervous, seeings how good I suck at video games.  I was sure that Skyward Sword was going to be over my head.

Get it ... Skyward Sword ... over my head?

Anyway ...

I failed miserably at the first simple step, syncing the new controller to my Wii.  It couldn't have been more simple:  insert batteries, push red sync button on controller, lights light up.  Push sync button on Wii, lights that are supposed to light up don't light up.

The new me, the one that doesn't get frustrated and quit, tried a combination of stuff, which included taking the batteries out, putting them back in and turning the Wii on and off.  Then I read the instructions with my glasses on.


I went upstairs to get my in-house Game Controller Syncing expert.  Randy hops first on his left foot, then on his right foot, and waves an invisible magic wand.  Then he goes through the same procedures that I did, and presto!  The controller is synced.

It was worth it just to see him hop.

Anyway ~

Oh, now I am getting excited.  I put the Skyward Sword game disc in the Wii ...

... I take a deep breath and wait expectantly for the icon to appear on the TV screen ...

... Nothing.

Opps, I put the disc in backwards.

I put the Skyward Sword game disc in the Wii ...

... I take a deep breath and wait expectantly for the icon to appear on the TV screen ...

... Nothing.

My Wii has died.  Well, not the Wii, but the little thingy-bobber that reads the game disc.  It died.  I knew it was sick for a while and I have just been babying it along.  I usually am able to go through turning it off and on, resetting it, cleaning the game disc, shaking the game disc and then finally, the game works.

Yes, I said "shake the game disc".  I have always done that - even in the days of floppy discs.  I have always shaken them to get their little bits and bytes in the right order before I put 'em in.

As I reached for the box of tissues, Randy quickly jumped up and said "Let's go get another Wii".

So, for the second time that day, I hit GameStop.  My shiny new black Wii not only came with a MotionPlus controller (didn't need the Collector's Edition of Skyward Sword after all) and MarioKart and the steering wheel to play MarioKart.

We drove home, The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert playing as loud as Roxy could stand it, me cradling my new Wii in my lap.  Randy looks over at me and says ...

"Merry Christmas!"

Obviously, my game day experience was whittled down to just a few hours.  I was able to play for a bit after my chores yesterday.  Today Link and I will meet up after running errands, baking cookies, and brining turkeys.  I was up early this morning and briefly considered tossing Richard aside for Link.

But I didn't.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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