Sunday, October 17, 2010

In Three Hours

In three hours I could watch two movies and have time for a popcorn and bathroom break.

In three hours I could be about one third of the way back to Plano to see Will and Sammy.

In three hours I can order seven window blinds from Lowe’s.  

That is twenty five minutes per blind.  And two of the blinds were the same size.

I was already grumpy from the eye opening and sad fact that my diet of monkey bread and Ben and Jerry’s had altered the fit of my clothing.  Stretchy clothing at that.

I was already grumpy from three different people crowding me at Lowe’s when I was looking at blinds.  Don’t people realize that there is a unmarked ‘no trespassing’ space around each individual?  The size of this space can very, but for me it is no less than a foot.

If I don’t know you, don’t get close to me!

I was already grumpy because there are just too many dang choices in this world.  All I wanted was a cellular shade that fit the window measurements that Randy had taken.  A neutral color, no bells and whistles.

I cannot be trusted with a tape measure.  Any of those little lines other than the 1/4”, 1/2” and 3/4” mark mean nothing to me.  I am always amazed when Randy can, with a glance at the tape measure, rattle off “1 - 5/16”.  Wait - you don’t have to count all the little lines?  Don’t your eyes cross and then you have to start counting all over again?

Anyway ~

The blind lady was very nice and thorough.  Way too nice.  Way to thorough.  I know she was going out of her way to make sure she was ordering exactly what I needed, making sure everything was exactly correct and explaining every nuance about blinds to us.  I know she has to deal with customers who are idiots.  But I looked closely in the mirror before I left and I was sure I had scrubbed off the ‘I need major help when ordering window blinds’ off of my forehead.

I am not being honest.  It only seemed like three hours.  It actually was only about 2-1/2 hours and that included waiting around for some bathroom components that Randy had ordered online the day before.  When Lowe’s called to verify the order, Randy was assured that it would be pulled and waiting that same afternoon.

Apparently, Lowe's fibbed.

Having absolutely no patience for human beans today, I chose to wait in the truck and pass the time playing Peggle on my phone while Randy cooled his heels waiting for the bathroom faucet and mirror.

Peggle is a very fun and mindless game.  One of the few video games I can play and actually make some progress without Will's help.  Just the sound of the little ball hitting all the peggles is both amusing and relaxing to me.

At least for almost three hours of my life I wasn’t eating monkey bread or ice cream.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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