Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Roxy's Celebration

Roxy went to the vet on Monday morning to have the stitches taken out from having her dewclaws removed.  For some unknown reason, she was a bit hesitant to get into the truck.

For the better part of two weeks it has been a constant fight to get her to leave the bandages alone.  I spent one day early on in this ordeal going around Mountain Home looking for Bitter  Apple spray, thinking that would stop the licking and the chewing.  We really didn't want to have to use that horrible cone.  I couldn't find Bitter Apple, but ended up getting Bitter Cherry.

Didn't phase her.

I tasted it and it was awful.  I know now, though, what I am going to put on my monkey bread and on Ben and Jerry as a deterrent.

Anyway ~

In a last ditch effort, I even tried vinegar.  I didn't so much on her that it would sting her.  I just wanted some reprieve for her and for me.  Creativity born of desperation.

Didn't phase her.

The stubborn beagle in her came to the surface 'cause nothing was going to keep her away from her bandages. 

After a couple of days of:

"Don't lick"  
"Don't lick"  
"Here's your monkey"  
"Roxy, don't lick"

Over and over again, we had to put the cone on her.  She was not happy at all with us.  Who would be?  But we were tired of hounding her (no pun intended).

Randy and I tried not to laugh at her running into things with the cone and swinging her head around like she was a pendulum.  At least when we did laugh, we turned our backs.

That cone was dangerous.  I ended up with a huge bruise on my calf from her running into me with it.  I guess maybe she did see me laugh at her after all.

Randy and I gave up on the cone sometime on Friday.  Between the sad and pitiful looks that Roxy was perfecting and her uncanny ability to actually use the cone to push the bandages down no matter how ingenious Randy was at wrapping them, it was pointless.  Yeah, she licked the stitches, but she's a dog.  After a bit it was less of a novelty and she mostly left them alone.

When we got home from the vet after the stitches were removed, we had a cone throwing away party.  She is one happy dog and back to normal.

"Don't Bite"
"Don't Bite"
"Here's your monkey"
"Roxy, don't bite"

Cwazy Dawg.

She is full of something this morning.  She and I have had a couple of disciplinary go arounds.  I won, as it should be.  Then she tried to wake up the entire countryside barking at some, at least to me, unseen critter.  Oh my, does sound echo around here.  Medium sized dog - huge bark.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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