Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Roxy, the Poor Dog

The past couple of days have been not good ones for Roxy.  Early Monday morning, I dropped her off with the kind people at the Animal Health Center in Mountain Home.  Doctor Jim and Roxy had an very early morning date for an Ovariohysterctomy.  

In normal people language, to be spayed.

Randy and I also decided to have her dewclaws removed at the same time.  Dewclaws serve no purpose other than to accidentally scratch her owners and their furniture.  I have had 4 stitches and the couch has had 17.


The vet does recommend having them removed but, as Dr Jim put it - it's like having her thumbs cut off.

Ouch.  I am rather attached to my thumbs.

While Roxy was being checked in, Lindsey, the vet's assistant looked at Roxy's teeth and then asked me if I wanted the rest of her baby teeth pulled.  Lindsey said that since they haven't come out yet, there may be a crowding issue when her adult teeth started to come in.  I thought quick - not an easy thing for me to do when my morning routine is all a jumble and I haven't had the proper amount of coffee - and decided that pulling four baby teeth for $22.00 is a whole lot better than paying for doggie orthodontics later on.

Poor Roxy.

She didn't make a peep while Lindsey took her blood.  After being told that I would be called as soon as she woke up after surgery, I was excused to go on my merry way.

My merry way consisted of Randy and I driving to Marshall, AR.  It was a beautiful autumn day and a perfect day to drive the Camaro on a winding road through the mountains.

I wouldn't know.  I have yet to drive the Camaro.

We had a couple of setbacks in getting started.  John, our neighbor came over with enough dog cookies to keep Roxy happy for the better part of a year.  When he was over last week, he mentioned that his dog, Meg, wasn't eating much.  He took her to the doctor and it seems that Meg was very sick and went to Dog Heaven very quickly.  John sounded very pragmatic about loosing Meg, but he lost his wife Donna this spring.  He did say the cat seemed to be worried that he would be next.

Since the Camaro was dusty, and everyone knows that you can't drive a dusty Camaro, we headed to town to get it washed.  Unfortunately, someone (me) upset our normal the 'leaving the house routine' by locking the front door.  That action made someone (Randy) forget his wallet and driver's license.  Unfortunately, that oversite wasn't discovered until we arrived at the car wash.  Back home we headed, left for Marshall from our house and someone (Randy) was on the lookout for a car wash along the way.

Sadly, none was to be found.  The Camaro came home unwashed and undriven by me.

However, Roxy the Poor Dog did get to ride home from the vet's in the bright and shiny (under the dust) red car.  She was so drugged up, I don't think she even noticed.

Roxy is quite the trooper.  She is almost back to normal.  Unfortunately, she does have to wear that stupid cone thing around her neck.  Luckily, it's only at bedtime when we can't stop her from licking and chewing on things that she's not supposed to lick and chew on.

Since I love my dog beyond measure, I refuse to take a picture of her wearing the ridiculous cone.  Parents do not purposely embarrass their dog children.

Have the BESt day ever!
~ Dorothy

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