Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Three Sides

I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with some long lost friends and family.  Friends and family that Randy and I left behind in Washington State long before we moved to Texas.

I put a lot of thought and prayer into whether or not I wanted to, needed to or should do this.  It’s scary to open yourself back up to the old aches and pains of a lost relationship.

Words that were said and taken out of context.

Confidences betrayed.

Then silence.

For many years, there is no communication.  Life goes on.  Every so often I would wonder what would happen if I reached out.

I actually tried once and was told that if Randy and I took that first step, then we would be forgiven.  Hmmm... A) Wasn’t that contact a first step? And 2) Forgive what?  

Who really can forgive and forget?

Forgive? Maybe.

Forget? Probably not.

To do both?  Not going to happen.  I have often chosen forgiveness, but I can sure remember what I have forgiven someone for.

Take Randy for instance.  I have forgiven him for forgetting my birthday in 1993.  But have I forgotten?  Obviously not.

It may seem like I am switching it up here, but, isn’t technology wonderful?  There isn’t anybody in this computerized world that can’t take the credit for accidentally sending an email or text message to the wrong person.  We all have had that stomach sinking feeling when you find out that the other person has read words that weren’t intended for their eyes.

So that brings me to my rekindled relationships that I put so much thought and prayer into.

I was hoping that time has softened us and that collectively we all would be able accept each other the way we are right now.  To be happy to be back in touch and to move forward, not backwards.

Because, you know, there are three sides to every story.

Your side.

My side.

The truth.

To get to the definition of the word ‘truth’ I had to look up the word ‘true’.

1) in accordance with fact or reality
2) accurate or exact
3) loyal or faithful

‘Loyal or faithful’ has grabbed me for some reason.  If I was ever asked to explain the definition of ‘true’ I don’t think that those two words would come to mind.

I received a message that wasn’t intended for me to read.  But I am sure glad that I was able to read it.  Now I know what I am not going to do.

I am not going to get sucked into the drama of it all.

What I am going to do is ...

... Have fun with Roxy the Dog
... Read
... Paint
... Take pictures
... Play video games
... Enjoy my life

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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