Monday, October 25, 2010

The Many Choices of Titles

White Women Don't Bounce

No, That Wasn't an Earthquake


Roxy loves for me to chase her.
I have no athletic prowess.
Our driveway is gravel.
And slightly sloped.
Flip Flops. 

All these add up to potential injury for me.

I have a penchant to injure myself.  I wouldn't call it accident prone, I wouldn't call it uncoordinated.  Randy would, but I wouldn't.  I just go too quickly and am thinking of the next thing and not concentrating on what I am doing at that particular minute in time.

Randy was busy on Saturday putting the new vanity in the upstairs bathroom while Roxy and I meditated on the couch.  Once we solved the world's problems, we decided to have play time.  Roxy grabbed Yellow Bone and out the door we went to play chase.

This is Roxy's Rock.  She can be found standing, sitting and laying on it surveying her domain.  

I need to get her a tiara.

Anyway ~

I thought that I could jump over Roxy's Rock.  I have long legs.  The rock isn't that high.  I have no athletic prowess.

I had a split second thought as I was going down.  "I am falling".

Like fingernails on a blackboard to some, the thought of picking gravel out of my body just sets me on edge.  Luckily, all the gravel remains in the driveway.  But all of me fell on my already fragile left shoulder.  Dang monkey bread and Ben and Jerry.  My shoulder wouldn't hurt near as bad if they weren't in my life.

And yes, I did take pictures of my bruised and battered body.  Nobody really wants to see that.

Randy's only comment after "how bad?" was "well, at least you have gotten that out of the way til next year".

Has he not noticed the two flights of stairs we have in the house?

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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