Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Counter Top Weekend Part Drei

6 pm on Labor Day and the laborers left.  Well, not really.  Randy spent some time showing them the Camaro.  Apparently, they can be bribed with treats just like Roxy.  “Finish the granite and make my wife happy and I will show you a red, shiny car.”

All I can say is that I am glad that it was a three- day weekend.  How could I have had a post called ‘Counter Top Weekend’ on a regular two-day weekend when this God-forsaken project has taken three days?

Glory Be!

It’s done.  The counter top is where it’s supposed to be, in the kitchen on top of the cabinets.  Secure, level and solid.

Glory Be!

The very nice young men - two of ‘em -  arrived about 2 pm.  A far cry from the time we expected them.  Well, I really didn’t expect them at all.  I had no expectations.  That way I couldn’t be disappointed.

The young men, Mutt and Jeff, were quite chatty.  Randy was torn.  Does he stay in the kitchen and keep an eye on them thus slowing them down by being within talking distance or leave them to their own devices?  He ended up wandering in and out at regular intervals.

Their names were actually Matt & Chris.

At one point, Roxy wasn’t minding and I muttered “This is why I didn’t have kids.”  The next thing I hear is Randy being asking why we didn’t have kids of our own.

Come on, boys - you are installing granite in my kitchen.  You have strung out a one-day project into a three-day ordeal.  We are not friends, we are just thrown together for this short (?), random moment in time.  You don’t get to know the answer to that.

Had they asked me, I might have said because I was afraid they would end up installing granite counter tops for a living.

Yesterday morning, I finally had half of a working sink.  Water and all.  The sink was operational only on one side but...

...Progress, however small, is still progress.

I have no clue who can lay claim to that quote.  But I have realized something about myself.  I get the words ‘who’ and ‘how’ mixed up quite often.

I have trouble with ‘G’ and ‘J’, too.  My dad’s name starts with a ‘G’.  I can’t think quick enough to say the right letter.  I have to imagine the shape of the letter in my mind.

I still don’t know my right from my left unless I think about it.  There aren’t too many times where I have had the luxury of thinking about it.  Just ask Randy.

East, north, west and south, I am pretty good at.  Left and right, not so much.

Anyway ~

I at least get to revel in having my kitchen belongings in the kitchen where they belong and not on the kitchen table.  And since the same company is tiling the backsplash, I think I will get to revel for a few weeks.

And the first meal that I cooked in my kitchen - after living here a month?  Scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for Randy.

Gross, disgusting, evil eggs.  

I wouldn’t cook eggs for anybody else but Randy.  So if ya’ll come visit me, you're on your own if you want eggs.  I will provide the eggs, the utensils and the stove.  You will not only have to cook ‘em yourself, you will also have to clean up.

This I do not kid about.  But you’re welcome to come anytime.  Please refer to my post of July 2, 2010 if you would like more on my feelings about eggs.

I am entering a contest to win a pretty necklace.  One of the things that I have to do to enter is reference the daily devotion site that I use, Proverbs 31 Devotions, as well as the blog for the lady who is offering the contest, Rachel Olsen.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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