Monday, September 13, 2010

A Leaf

I have happened across drafts of posts this morning which I obviously wrote before there was even a clue that we would be moving to Mountain Home.

Arkansas, not Idaho.

Since it's my blog and I can do what I want to, here is one ~

Most everybody knows that I am a homebody.  Randy and I don't get out much, and when we do, I am happy to say that we do most everything together.  We like our house, we like what we do and we don't like driving in the North Dallas traffic.

These people are crazy!

Because of the somewhat 'small' world that I have, along with a recent discovery of photography, I have started to keep an eye out for interesting subjects to take pictures of.

This is what happens when Oliver, the next door neighbor either gets stuck or runs out of gas mowing the drainage ditch in between our houses.  He has a fancy lawn mower and mows our side for us too.  Thank you, Oliver!

It is not unusual for take my camera out when I walk, or to the grocery store, or to be setting up an assortment of items in the kitchen.  To which Randy mostly says "I am not even going to ask."

While taking my walk the other day, I picked up this leaf.  I think it's an interesting leaf.  Picture worthy.  A few steps later I found a caterpillar.  Thinking that a picture of the caterpillar on the leaf would make it even more picture worthy, I attempted to scoop the caterpillar up onto the leaf.  Without touching it, 'cause I am a girl, after all.

The caterpillar wasn't having this at all.  At this point I am not sure what the neighbors think when they see me walking around with my camera, so after a couple of tries, I gave up. I do have to live in this neighborhood, you know.  (This is not why we had to leave town.)

At home, Randy told me that I should watch out for caterpillars because some of them bite.  Really?  I could have been overcome and bitten by a caterpillar?  If kind of made me want to go back and find him to test this.

To which Randy said:

"If you don't stop doing that, you're going to get hurt".

While here in Mountain Home I am still a homebody and Randy and I still go most everywhere together, every day here I find something new to take a picture of.

Just this morning there were spider webs all around, in the grass, in branches, even in the gravel on the driveway.  All were sparkling with dew drops.

That's rather poetic for a Monday morning.

As I was admiring this one in a tree, I turned around and walked right smack into one.  Right across the face.  Nice.  A spider web facial.  Those webs hold a whole lotta dew.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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