Saturday, September 18, 2010

Men Are ... Well, Men

The Mountain Home house has two closets.

Yes, that is right.





Having only two closets has forced me to be quite creative in what and how I store our belongings.  Although Randy and I both have weeded out our clothes many times since we moved to Texas, the two closet thing here has tested my patience and agility.

When it came time to sort out our bedroom, I organized my clothes and put them away.

No big surprise there. 

For Randy, I laid out all his clothes on the bed.  I folded all and placed them all in stacks.  There was a separate stack for shorts, long pants, ‘good’ tee-shirts, ‘bad’ tee-shirts, tank tops, and warmers.

A very long time ago, we were camping with Chuck and Helen east of the mountains.  I think it was the Potholes.  Everybody knows that the evening is the time for the McDaniel men to build the fire, put one hand in their pocket, hold a can of an adult beverage in the other all while staring into the flames.

While the women cook dinner.

Chuck was standing at the fire, proud as can be of his brand new ‘warmers’ - a grey sweatshirt and matching sweatpants.  It seems that he had never owned a pair of ‘warmers’ before and thought they were the cat’s meow.

Randy and I have called sweatpants ‘warmers’ ever since.

Anyway ~

After neatly stacking Randy’s clothing on the bed, I pointed out which dresser drawers were available to him and that he could have all the shelves inside the closet.  He was then on his own to put his clothes away in the manner that he wants.

By bedtime, the clothes were still stacked on the bed.  I very neatly stacked them on the top of the dresser and reminded him of his chore.

By the end of the second day, the clothes were still on the dresser, not in the dresser.  I took it upon myself to put it all way organizationally and neatly on the shelves in the closet.  I then bought him into the bedroom to show him where his clothes were and by all means, if you don’t like what I have done, do feel free to reorganize to your liking.

When Randy worked at Boeing, he would come home, change his clothes and put all of the change that was in his pocket on the dresser.  The next morning, he would pick out the silver coins for the soda machine, but leave the pennies on the dresser.  I patiently and repeatedly asked him to put the pennies in the Fred Flintstone bank that I had in the spare bedroom.

Never happened.

I even moved Fred into his closet to make it easier for him.

Never happened.

So one night, I pulled back the sheets on his side of the bed, sprinkled it liberally with pennies and covered it back up again.  I crawled into my side of the bed and shut out the light.

The next thing I hear is, “What the heck?”

(Well, he didn’t actually say ‘heck’.  But my grandkids read this.)

It didn’t make him start putting the pennies in Fred, but it sure made me feel better.  I gave up on Randy, pennies and Fred.

Anyway ~

Randy’s one and only comment to me after I put away his clothes?

“Great job, honey.  Thank you.  This will give me more time to work on my honey-do list”.


His comment to me was, “Where are my navy long pants?  You know, the ones I never wear?”

I am married to the smartest, most wonderful man in the world who never blogs (to the best of my knowledge) about my quirks.  Somedays, however, he is just a man.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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