Sunday, September 5, 2010

Counter Top Weekend Part Ein

On a whim Friday, I decided to get my hair cut.  Randy and I were driving through town and I was jotting down the names of salons to look up online when I got home.

Newsflash - not too many businesses in Mountain Home have websites.  I had to look up beauty salons the old fashioned way - using a 2010 Century Link phone book.  So this is why our real estate agent gave this to us.  How does this thing work again?

Anyway ~

One of our errands on Friday was to stop at SNC to pick out a grout color for the kitchen backsplash.  And to hopefully, finally, get a definite date for the counter top installation.  SNC apparently isn’t aware that it is not really polite to keep a customer dangling.  We had been called in to the store this past Monday to approve the granite slab that they had just got in.  We looked.  We approved.  What a feeling to know that my counter top is at least within a 15 mile radius of my kitchen.

Hmmm...  Ordered the granite on July 16th, supposed to take two weeks to arrive and they got it on August 30th? ...Hmmm

Of course we approved the granite - did they think that I was going to lose another month of my life waiting on them?  Did they think Randy was going to sit back silently and watch me loose another month of my life waiting for a complete kitchen?  I think not.  On that Monday, the owner said we were on the books for Thursday after Labor Day but he was going to work on getting us done on the 7th instead.  I told him that I would be forever grateful for anything he could do that would get this project done sooner than later.

When we stopped in on Friday to look at the grout color and Chris, the owner wasn’t in, I was told that we were down for Thursday.

“No, oh no,” I cried.  “Chris was trying to get to us on Tuesday.”  Well, we’d have to come back.  I told them that I was desperate to have this done ‘cause I have broken all but one of my wine glasses washing them in the bathroom sink and I don’t want to have to drink wine straight from the box.

Yes, I am a proud drinker of Franzia boxed wine.  White Merlot, to be precise.  I'm goin' thru a whole lotta wine these days.

Anyway ~

So we ran our errands, saw Chris’ truck there on the way back and stopped.  We didn’t see Chris, but Bobby, the installer, asked if Wednesday would be good.

Okay, okay.  Wednesday it is.

Fast forward to later in the afternoon and I am on my way to LaDolce Vita salon for a hair cut.  Chuck from SNC calls to ask if we were going to be home on Saturday and if so, can they come out and do the kitchen then.

Oh, gee, let me think about this.


I thanked him profusely and inquired about the estimated time of granite counter top arrival.  In between 10 am and 11 am.  At least I think he said AM.  Maybe that was an incorrect assumption on my part.

At 12:40 pm on Saturday, I told Randy that at 1:30 pm I was going to officially give up hope and cry.  He suggested that I call them, which I did and was told by Chris that they were going slower than normal and they just loaded up and left for our house.

For the 15 minute drive.

It was 2:20 pm before I heard the tires crunch in the driveway gravel.  It appears they got lost, but why the heck they didn’t call, I have no idea.  I didn't ask.  I just felt that it was a major miracle, with all the dead-end country roads around these parts, that they found us.

The good news is that the granite is in the relative spot that it’s supposed to be in.  The bad news is that when the installers left about 7 pm, they still weren’t done.  I understand that they are to be back here about 10 am today to finish up.

The backsplash and dealing with SNC has now been officially turned over to Randy.  He'll know that when he reads this.

I did get to have my cry.  It came in the form of hysterical laughter when I accidentally smashed my bony, protruding ankle against the metal leg on the picnic table.  Thinking about it, that happened right about 1:30pm.

Oh, and I love my new hair cut.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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