Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quirks and All

I know I have quirks and issues.  And I am not afraid to admit it.  I am also not afraid to say that I have no intention of changing.

One of my big quirks is not taking the item that is on the front of the shelf in a store.  I want to have one that has been untouched by human hands.  Well, I do know that human (I hope) hands have had to touch that something to actually get it on the shelf.  I just don’t want the one out front that may have been fondled by anyone and everyone who happened by.

I must have Randy trained very well.  The other day, we were at Home Depot getting a new light for the dining room.  Randy was getting the box to put it in our cart and he, without hesitation, set the first box aside and put the one that was second back in our cart.

All he said as he put the box in the cart was that he knew he would have to pick that one, so he might as well do it first.

Years back, we had gone to Office Depot, or some office supply store.  It was long enough ago that Staples wasn’t around, but wasn’t there another store besides Office Depot?  Hmm, Wikipedia, here I come.  

And I will admit that it took me a while to figure out that the ‘L’ in the Staple’s logo was a bent staple.  It’s not because I am that dumb, it’s because who likes a bent staple?  They are useless.

This is a favorite picture of mine.  I took it BFC (Before Fancy Camera) with a light box that I had made.  I was so proud of it, I even used it as my desktop wallpaper for awhile.

Anyway ~

One of the items that we wanted to get was a three-hole punch.  Randy, erroneously placed the first one on the shelf in our cart.  I explained to him why we couldn’t buy that one - the entire ‘untouched by human hands’ story.  I have to give him credit for not shaking his head or rolling his eyes at me - something I would have been inclined to do - but just putting that one back and digging back and getting another.

When we got home and un-boxed it, some little holes fell out onto the floor.  Clearly, not only had this one been touched, it had been used.

Randy looked up at me and was very serious when he asked me if we had to go back to the store and return it.

I took pity on him and said that we didn’t have to.  But I have never used that three-hole punch.


That is just one of my quirks.  Maybe the only one that I have, ‘cause as I am sitting here, I can’t think of any others.  But I am sure that Randy will be happy to make a list for me after he reads this.

In mid-August, when Randy and I dashed back to Texas for a couple of days, we had stopped at a gas station.  As Randy was putting gas in the truck, I was watching the nice young lady in front of us.

It hard to see in the second picture, but she holding the nozzle with a cloth.  I didn't get a chance to get a  picture of it, but she also used the cloth to push the buttons on the pump.  It may be a quirk, but at least she puts gas in her vehicle.  

I don't.

Oh, and the other store is OfficeMax.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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