Sunday, September 26, 2010

Backsplash Thursday

Or...  SNC Enterprises Chapter Vier and Chapter Fünf

Ten weeks after starting The Kitchen Project with SNC and three weeks after ordering the tile for the backsplash, Chuck called me on Tuesday to arrange for the backsplash to be done on Thursday.  

Even though I knew deep down that it didn’t matter, I asked what time I could expect the nice young men, the tile, the grout and everything else it takes to stick a fork in this project and call it done.  

“Oh, about 9 am.  Well, between 9 and 11 am.  Probably more towards 9 am, but it could be closer to 11 am.”

I interrupted him before all my minutes were wasted listening to him prattle on about a subject that made no difference whatsoever.  Randy and I only have 700 between the two of us and we all know how hard it is to get Randy off the phone.


Fifteen minutes to nine on Thursday morning, Chuck calls for directions to our house.

Even though I knew deep down that it didn’t matter, I pointed out to him that SNC had been out to our house four times already.  Because I was a bit annoyed already and that I don’t know my right from my left even in the best of circumstances, I thought that it would be best to have Randy give him the directions.

Ten minutes to nine, Chuck calls again.  I defer to Randy to answer the phone.  It seems as though the laborers have to finish another job, but they will be at our house by noon.

I feel as though I have been transported back in time to Labor Day weekend.

At 11:56 am the installer calls and said he is 30 - 45 minutes away.  

I am willing to bet Randy that they won’t show up and start working before 3 pm.  Randy refuses to shake hands on it.

At 1:56 pm he calls to say he is on his way.  Since I am psychotic - I mean psychic - I know that within seconds he is going to call for directions, so I hand the phone to Randy.

Score one for Dorothy!

Seconds after Randy gives them directions, which ironically are the same as the ones given to Chuck earlier this morning, two very nice young men arrive.  These are not the same very nice young men that did the counter top.

Thank you, God.

After introductions, the two very nice young men have to leave.  It seems that they have forgotten the backer board at the shop and they have to go back and get it.

Now, I know just enough about construction to be dangerous, but it does seem that backer board is too key of an ingredient to forget.

They get back shortly before 3 pm.

Score two for Dorothy. 

I won’t even mention they forgot the screws for the backer board.  They at least had the proper nails but sadly, they had to ask Randy for a hammer.

Long about 4:30 pm, they decided to leave because one or both of their girlfriends were mad about the job taking too long and missing dinner.

They took Randy’s hammer with them.


The good news is that they showed up at a decent hour on Friday morning - about 9am.   Even better is that the backsplash was finished about 2pm.

However, there is grout everywhere.    I was rendered speechless (that’s hard to comprehend) over the condition that the kitchen was left in.  There is grout all over the floor, on the appliances, on the cabinets in the drawers.  There is even grout on the overhead fan and on my shoes.  Shoes that were across the room.  I am glad that I ran some errands and that Randy kept Roxy downstairs or else we would have been covered in grout as well.

Grouting tile is a messy job, but one can work at minimizing the mess.  I know - I have grouted tile before, and believe it or not, I got more grout on the tile than everywhere else.

I considered calling and politely but assertively giving SNC my opinion.  I think that I will be satisfied with:

The End

Since it's best to look for the silver lining,  Randy got his hammer back.

Have the BEST day ever!

~ Dorothy

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