Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Should Have Started This Yesterday, or...

...This is gonna be TASTY.

Those closest to me know that I like monkeys.  Not the pooh throwing monkeys.  I like the cute monkeys like Bobby Jack, Sock Monkeys and Paul Frank.  

I sometimes wish that Bobby Jack and all his friends would come live with me.  I was going to post some pictures of Bobby Jack, but I don’t want to get into more trouble with Getty Images.

Did you know that Getty Images has a 'process' where they send small businesses official looking letters that claim that the images that are on their websites are pilfered from Getty?  There is an invoice included with the letter.  Faced with the fear of being sued for copyright infringement, some of the businesses are paying the invoices with no questions asked.  Getty Images is raking in money hand over fist for this.

How, you ask, do I know this? Because it happened to Randy and me right after we bought the fishing rod building business.  Thank goodness that the only fault that Randy has, (doing extensive and time consuming research on any and all subjects) actually turned into a plus for us on this.

Anyway ~

Please note that I refrained from making a comment about my ability to rhyme.

Anyway ~

My favorite picture of Bobby Jack is labeled ‘I Love Candy’.  That can’t be a surprise.  My second favorite is ‘Don’t You Wish Your Monkey Was Fun Like Me!’

Search for ‘Bobby Jack Images’ and you will agree with me - he is one cute monkey.  

Anyway ~

For my birthday this year, Cristy and family gave me a package to make monkey bread.  It came with a pan, the dry ingredients and yeast.  The only thing I had to add is milk, a couple of eggs and a monkey.

Kidding on the monkey part, although the other night, Randy, Roxy and I heard a very strange sound out in the woods.  It sounded like a monkey to me.  I half expected a pair of yellow glowing eyes to be staring at me from the trees.  Or to get hit in the head with monkey pooh.

Anyway ~

This morning I decided to make the monkey bread for breakfast.  Unfortunately, it is more like monkey bread for lunch.   I knew that it had to have time to rise, so I thought that I started it in plenty of time.  

If I were to choose today’s fault, it is not being totally organized when I cook and not reading a recipe completely.

Isn’t that two faults?  Maybe if I include them in one sentence, it only counts as one.

Anyway ~

I didn’t read that the bread needed a second rise after it was assembled in the pan.  I should have known that.  But I have been spoiled by a bread maker for many years and temporarily lost all that I had learned in high school home ec class.

It’s been 32 years after all.

Monkey bread for lunch?  It don’t matter.  Monkey bread is delicious.  There’s going to be a whole lotta monkey bread in my future.

When I take over my world:

Monkey Bread For Everyone!

Thank you, Shaun, Cristy, Will and Sammy for the monkey bread.  I promise to make it for you when you come to visit us.

Have the BEST Day ever!
~ Dorothy

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