Monday, May 10, 2010

Bob Costas and Photoshop

Not everybody knows of my fondness for Bob Costas.  I think he is cute and funny.  It used to be Jeff Renner.  Ya'll from Seattle will know who Jeff Renner is.  I still remember exactly where I was when I got a call from my friend, Laurie telling me that KING-5 had brought him back.  But Bob replaced Jeff in my heart some time ago.

I am afraid of Photoshop.  Just be patient - there will be a connection.  Randy and I use Photoshop Elements, and it has always intimidated me.  Which is unusual, because in the 'old' days of computers, I used to play around in photo editing programs all the time.

When I bought my fancy camera a few months ago, I faced the fact that not only would I have to learn about aperture and shutter speed, I would also have to learn about layers and the magic wand tool.  I have been slowly overcoming my Photoshop phobia.

Randy got himself a brand new, shiny toy in February, and I thought it would be a perfect time to learn all about cropping, layers, and cloning as well as have a lasting memento of Bob.  So what that Bob has no neck!  It was my first effort.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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