Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sugar - It's Such Goodness

Every morning I give up sugar.  Every morning I tell myself:

"Self, no more cookies.  No more candy. No more eating sugar with a spoon out of the canister."

Well, I don't go that far.  Unless it's brown sugar.  But I love all things sugar.  I would gladly eat something filled with sugary goodness than 'real' food.

 'Cookie Sunday' was a major event at our house.  Randy and I would drive to the local Tom Thumb grocery store.  Tom Thumb is what Washingtonians will know as 'Safeway'.  Ya'll.  Anyway, we would get to Tom Thumb and I would pick out my cookie - okay,  cookies - and sit in great anticipation during the 10 minute drive home.

The Tom Thumb in McKinney has a way better bakery than any of the other Tom Thumbs in the area.  And I know them all.  Is that sad?  That I know which bakery has the best cookies?  And that for a while, the people at the McKinney Tom Thumb bakery knew me?  And that I knew the code for bakery  cookies by heart when I used the self-checkout?

But today, I have given up sugar.  Again.  And I know that I am safe, because I have locked up the remaining Reese's Pieces.

When I Take Over My World Sugar Will Be a Vitamin Much Needed By Our Human Bodies

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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