Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Peaceful Country Morning

I am up early and the morning is beautiful  I am enjoying my coffee and quiet time outside on the patio.
Until I was disturbed by the dog who lives in back of us barking.  And barking.  And barking.
This was really starting to annoy me.  And it isn’t even 7am yet.  Do people not hear their dogs barking?
Randy ventured outside to say “Good morning, Sweetheart.  I hope you slept well.  Can I get you more coffee?”
Okay, maybe that was a bit over the top for Randy first thing in the morning.  Morning person, he’s not.

Once, years ago as he was just getting up, I sat on the edge of the bed and started chattering away.  He didn’t say a word, he just reached over and put his hand over my mouth.  
Point taken.
Anyway ~
Randy opened the back gate and said “There are two cows in the yard next door.”

And sure enough, there are!  A Longhorn and a cow broke loose from across the highway and moseyed over 5 lanes of traffic at some point this morning.  Good thing it was Sunday.
I go for my camera, Randy heads for the barbecue.

Kidding on the barbecue part.
Looks to me like they have made themselves comfortable and are going to be there for awhile.  At least until someone counts heads and notices two from the flock are missing.

And the dog who lives next door, the dog who barks at dandelion fluff floating by, isn’t even phased by livestock 20 feet away from him.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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