Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reality Television

I watch reality shows.  Dancing with the Stars, The Amazing Race, Survivor.  I admit it.  There are some that I don't care for, like Big Brother, The Biggest Loser or 'The Real Housewives of...' series.  No interest in those at all.  The Real Housewives of... shows are a bit too risqué for my puritan sensibilities.

Even though I still watch it, I have lost interest in American Idol ever since Siobhan Magnus was voted off a a few weeks ago.  Siobhan is my favorite and her leaving was partially due to me.  I didn't vote.  Not only could I have voted 6 times with my phone, I could have used Randy's too.  It could have been possible that those 12 votes would have been the difference between Siobhan staying and the big guy who wears the hats that are way too small for his head going.  The guy who is always picking people up, whether they want him to or not.  The one who waves using both hands flapping at the knuckles.  That is just not a real man wave at all.

I actually think he is a good singer, but I can't watch him 'emote' while he sings.  Now I know what mom meant when she said that she liked to hear Johnny Cash, but couldn't stand to watch him sing.

I am a loyal Survivor fan.  But I have a suggestion for them:  Please, oh please, if you are going to stage challenges where arms have to held up over the contestant's heads for any length of time, please, oh please, have them early in the show.   After spending 30+ days in the Outback, Amazon or wherever the heck they are, there is usually some such challenge.  It is not pleasant at all to see ladies underarms after going for so long without their Lady Schick.

Can the survivors still bring a luxury item from home?  All it takes is just one person to bring a razor and the girls could all share it.  Or after the tribes merge, there could be a reward challenge with the prize being razors, shave cream and styptic pencils for everyone.  Or bottles of Nair.  Do they still even make Nair?  I'll have to check that out.

I have what I think is a very funny story about Nair from when I was a kid.  For the sake of family unity, however, I will keep the story to myself.  But I am chuckling on the inside.

Any way ~

I am going to contact Jeff Probst about about this.  After watching each and every season of Survivor from the very start, and never, ever missing an episode and reading every blog he has written on Entertainment Weekly, I think that entitles me to him at least listening to my complaint.

And, so as not to be left with the horrifying image of underarm hair, here a couple of pretty pictures.  One is courtesy of Jon.  Can you guess which one?  And yes, I have his permission to use it.  Not in writing, more of a gentlemen's handshake kind of thing.

Jon's is this picture of the fuchsia.  Sadly, there are not much for hanging flower baskets here, let alone fuchsias.  They sure are purdy.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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